Wow You Can Really Dance Lyrics

Wow You Can Really Dance Lyrics : The song is sung by Handsome Dancer featuring James Manzello and the original name of this song is Coincidance. The songwriter of this song is James Manzello.

FeaturingJames Manzello
Produced ByGiacomo Lamparelli
Written ByJames Manzello
Release DateJune 30, 2015

Wow You Can Really Dance Lyrics

[Verse 1]
The first man’s name was Kiki
He wore such little pants
His brother was the champion
But Kiki loved to dance

[Verse 2]
The second man was Choo-Choo
A master of romance
He loved the damsel in distress
But not as much as dance

[Verse 3]
And then one day, it happened
They went off to the world
They went onto a journey
Idolized by the boys and girls
They learned so many lessons
In all the foreign lands
But no matter where they wound up
They never stopped the dance

One day inside the station
In Amsterdam, perchance
The men were dancing side-by-side
By the man with the crooked glance
They turned to face each other
It was just happened stance
That these two men would meet that day
And do that fateful dance

Wow, you can really dance
Wow, you can really dance
He went dun, dun, dun
He went dun, dun, dun
They said, “We’ve both been dancing all this time
What a coincidance!”

[Verse 4]
And then they danced together
Like no one’s danced before
The diplomats were dancing
They cancelled all of the war (No more!)

[Verse 5]
The whole world celebrated
With no more violance
And all because these men crossed paths
What a coincidance

Dance dance dance dance dance dance dance dance
Let’s dance

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