Will You Help Me Hide a Body Lyrics

Will you help me hide a body?
Come on, we can’t delay
No one can see him on the floor
Get him out the door
Before he can decay

I thought you were my buddy

We won’t get caught
Just help me and don’t ask why

Will you help me hide a body?
It doesn’t have to be in one piece

Go away, Ana!
Oh dear, why?

Won’t you help me hide a body?
This one’s been knocked out since
last fall
I think his company is overdue
It’s about time we threw
His body down a well

It gets a little lonely
Digging up all these graves
Out in the night by myself

Please, I know you’re in there
You’ve been hiding all these years
They say, “Don’t cry,”
And I have tried to
Hide bodies without you
Now I’m out of tears

I’ve killed mother and father
Now it’s just you and me

What are you gonna do?

Won’t you help me hide their bodies?

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