JUGGERNAUT Lyrics – Tyler, The Creator

Juggernaut Tyler Lyrics : The song is sung by Tyler, The Creator and the name of this song is JUGGERNAUT. The songwriters of this song is Tyler, The Creator, Lil Uzi Vert & Pharrell Williams.


Hey, Ms. Parker
Wait, wait, wait, wait
Somethin’ like (uh-oh)
I just cut some fresh lemons, where’s the sugar?
Lemon in my ‘ade, lemon in my ears, call ’em boogers
Rather six feet ‘fore I’m ever seen with you n^^gas (hold up)

What it is? It’s that n^^ga T, skin look colored in (woo)
Ridin’ in, double-double R, that’s that Cullinan (yeah)
Pullin’ in that four hundred grand, I just ordered this (yeah)
Switzerland, Lake Geneva, where I spend my summer in (true story)
GOLD Le FLEUR, that’s Gianno shoe, what I’m runnin’ in
Earlobe look like headlights on a minivan (Gangsta Grillz)
I’m so motherf^^kin’ dead-a^s, I need some Timberlands (woo)
I battle any man, Uzi Vert, don’t think they understand (yeah, yeah)

Uh (skrrt, cool), double C on my feet
Double G on my freak (ooh), Louis V by my brick
She wan’ kick it with me, she better eat it then leave (leave, whoa)
She try save all the plates but keep eatin’ my meat
We can’t see none of ’em, grow, she keep eatin’ my seeds (woo)
Got a E and a B on the back of the CT
I’m done with the 12, got a V16
Uh, say the money comin’ in, yeah, that’s true
The more money I get, I don’t wan’ sex you
Can’t think about the last time that I text you
It’s probably when sidekicks had them belt loops
Sign my John Hancock on a b^^ch every time I check you
Just like a brand new Lamb’, I wreck you, uh
So if it’s mine, it’s yours, woo, woo, woo

Ride to the dinner tapin’
Out of time and imagine her in the exit
Last year, more than what Google say my net is
I got cheddar with the chef in the tinted exit (like whoa)
Uh, uh, uh

It’s the double P, I rock double C
Man, I run them beats like you run in cleats
Man, come to me, you want somethin’ to see
This internally flawed, that’s a double Vs
What troubles me is you couple me
With these subtle fleas tryna double league
Hornet trapped in the hive
Of a motherf^^kin’ bumblebee
They just got the closest picture of the f^^kin’ sun surface, that was us
Got the LaFerrari, park that b^^ch just for one purpose, catchin’ dust
My Secret Service carry mops, you call ’em street sweepers, back you up
Tat’ you up then add you up, then give you a cover like Adwoa
If the shit’s fake, I don’t respect it
It’s clickbait and that’s distaste like a shit shake
What a difference your wrist make when it’s Richard-made
Hungry eyes tend to fixate like a empty stomach for a fish plate
Shit-faced, get this straight, this is truck wheels, deck, grip tape

Ride to the dinner tapin’
Out of time and imagine her in the exit (why you even talkin’ to us?)
Last year, more than what Google say my net is (God damn)
I got cheddar with the chef in the tinted exit
Uh, uh, uh (b^^ch)

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