I’m Already Black I Don t Need No Black Lyrics

I’m Already Black I Don t Need No Black Lyrics : The song is sung by Kodak Black and the original name of this song is Snap Shit. The songwriter of this song is Kodak Black.

I’m Already Black I Don t Need No Black Lyrics

I hit rock bottom
Thought I was never gon’ come up bih
For real though, thank you Lord

Thank you lord I’m here, I never imagined this
It’s Lil’ Kodak Black, but b^^ch don’t capture this
I ain’t puttin’ up with that, no I ain’t havin’ it
Been showin’ too much love, no more after this
They told me I’m a star, actin’ like I’m average
‘Cause I be rappin’ but I don’t be on that rappin’ shit
I still be in the hood, tote my strap and shit
Stop that flaggin’, that’s how shit be happenin’
Last time I let you slide, I’ma whoop yo’ a^s for this
Save the choke sandwich in my mattress
Aye, where them yellow bones?
I don’t want no black b^^ch
I’m already black, I don’t need no black b^^ch
Put yo’ hands up if you a bad b^^ch
Bae let’s go and blow a check at Saks Fifth
I said “I love you”, I was just on that yak b^^ch
Girl you know I’m bein’ sarcastic
I bag her then I’m gone with that shit
Girl don’t call my phone with that and shit
F^^k it, I don’t owe a n^^ga shit
I been out here thuggin’ since a jit
Remember we was strugglin’ in the bricks
n^^ga had to go and hit a lick
I was throwin’ rocks in the ditch
Now I’m throwin’ rocks at the chaingang
I just wanna gain and maintain
Ain’t nothin’ change, it’s still the same damn thing
New year but ain’t a damn thing changed
Still in traffic, road runnin’, switchin’ lanes
State to state, I’m breakin’ the bank
Went to BOA then I went to Chase
Only hang around with n^^gas who gon’ crank
Only hang around with n^^gas who don’t think
n^^gas out here takin’ chances everyday
n^^gas out here wildin’ but they people straight
Can’t say no to drugs, I be smokin’ dank
Don’t let Kodak in here he gon’ stink up the place
I’m so God damn high, I can’t feel my face
I’m so God damn high, I just might stick up the place
First I start my day off with a wake and bake
I ain’t workin’ out but I be shakin’ weight
Now my lawyer hollerin’ “Pay me”
‘Cause I got court December 7th
Just in case them crackers slay me
Girl I’ma come and get you pregnant
Just tell my baby boy his dad a legend
Just don’t let him be like me, ’cause I don’t learn my lesson
I was already a felon once they let me out my mama belly
Got a telly in my cell, I’m smokin’ reggie with my celly
Yeah I’m young and reckless
I just stole a Lexus just to flex it
Hit the scene, stealin’ for no reason and I ain’t even sell it
I’m a street n^^ga after paper
I be snappin’, I be scammin’
They used to call me Lil’ Duffle cause I’m a young hustler
n^^ga I bring that check in
Uh uh
I’m a lil’ motherf^^ker, I’m f^^kin’ on ya mammy
Slidin’ in a Infiniti
Down here, we call that bih a FinFin
Yeah, man they leaked my goddamn song and I wasn’t even finished
Young n^^ga, I’m dufflin’, yeah, I’m gettin’ to them Benji’s
Mind yo motherf^^kin’ business
Windows tinted, I think this my car
I think this shit rented
Windows tinted, I think this a new one
I think this a rental
Everything orange, I’m smokin’ cantaloupe

Thank ya Lord
I swear I ain’t never expected this before
I ain’t shit, so why you sendin’ me all these blessings?
Roadrunnin’, tunnel vision, I been speedin’ with no limit for it
But I ain’t never thought that it could get this far
First they wanted me to win, I had all the support
But once I won, they don’t love me no more
‘Cause they wanted me to win, but they ain’t want for me to get this far
They say “No, no I ain’t mean for you to get that far”
Drop a n^^ga girlfriend off to school in a Jaguar
Drop a n^^ga b^^ch to work in a Jaguar

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