How You Got A Small Face But A Fat Nose Lyrics

How You Got A Small Face But A Fat Nose Lyrics : The song is sung by YN Jay featuring Lil Pump. The name of this song is “Big Hoes”.

How You Got A Small Face But A Fat Nose Lyrics

(Enrgy made this one)
Slidin’ in that GLS 600 with the trunk open
Yeah, ooh

Slidin’ in that GLS 600 with the trunk open
Glock .45’s, F&N’s, that’s what I’m totin’
b^^ch better come over with her mouth open
Ripped that wig off her head like I’m Hulk Hogan

I ain’t got no screen on the door, left the house open
Beat a b^^ch in the livin’ room, left the couch broken
Put a b^^ch in a full nelson, got the couch chokin’
Hit you close range in your face, left your mouth broken

Told the Coochie Man “Go ahead, f^^k my big cousin”
In the back of the Rolls truck, had that b^^ch jumpin’
Had to bust a nut in thirty seconds, I was in a Russian
How you takin’ pictures with your glizzy, but you not gon’ bust it?

I just pulled up with my blood, that’s my big bousin
You can hеar me shoot from down the street, that’s my stick dumpin’
Why you pull up with that fat girl? That’s a big woman
Damn (Ha-ha-ha-ha), how the f^^k shе get big like that?

5 pints of Wock in the bank, need to take it out
Too many b^^ches on my couch, I need another couch
If I find out she got a weave, I’ma snatch it out

I just bought a crib for my Glock, that’s my gun house
I just bought a crib for my kid, that’s my son house
I just bought a crib for the b^^ches, that’s the fun house
I just bought a crib for the strippers, that’s the one’s house

My auntie sellin’ p^^sy out in 79th street
This ratchet b^^ch from G5 said “Nut inside me”
I got three snow bunnies with me, but they won’t leave
I just slashed her tires and I took both of they car keys

Got a big gun on my hip, better not try me
How the f^^k I’m still independent? They can’t sign me
Ahh-haa, f^^k (Ahh-haa)
I got a b^^ch from overseas, ha-ha-ha-ha

I got this b^^ch from overseas, but she Chinese
Damn, she might be Japanese?
Bend her over, put her face down on the concrete
Before you go to sleep, b^^ch, you gotta take this long meat

Ha-ha-ha, ha-ha-ha-ha-ha
I can tell this b^^ch suck d^^k, she got ashy knees
b^^ch asked me how I come up, I had to stack the cheese
If you don’t know how to shoot the ball, you better pass the heat

If you overdose on Tris then you a straight hoe
My auntie in Chicago whippin’ up straight bowls
Huh? Grandma pass me the draco

How the f^^k this b^^ch got lil’ feet, but got fat toes?
How the f^^k you got a small face, but got a fat nose?
Why the f^^k you still dressin’ old? You got fat clothes

How the f^^k you walk in the club with some fat hoes?
Man, this b^^ch nose fat as f^^k like a saxophone
How the f^^k you got a big face, but a lil’ throat?

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha (Damn)
How the f^^k you thick with no a*s? Girl, your back long
How the f^^k your shoulder so damn big, where your backbone?
Huh? Ha, huh? Damn

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