Nobody Knows Tiktok Lyrics

Nobody Knows Tiktok Lyrics

Nobody Knows Tiktok Lyrics : The song is sung by AURORA and this song is written by AURORA & Magnus Skylstad. The name of this song is Runaway. Produced By AURORA, Odd Martin & Magnus Skylstad Written By AURORA & Magnus Skylstad Release Date February 7, 2015 Nobody Knows Tiktok Lyrics [Intro](Ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah, ah-ah) … Read more

Cardi B – Up Lyrics

Up Lyrics Up, upUp (ayy), up (uh)Up, look (this is fire) Once upon a time, man, I heard that I was uglyCame from a b^^ch who n^^ga wanna f^^k on me I said my face bomb, a^s tightRacks stack up Shaq heightJewelry on me, flashlightI been lit since last nightHit him with that good-goodMake a … Read more

Cardi B, Offset & Quality Control – Um Yea Lyrics

Um Yea Lyrics We havin’ a check by the wayHuh, woo woo wooYou feel me? You digShit look easy, know what I meanHey Don’t I look like I’m the shit lil’ n^^ga?Look at my motherf^^kin’ wrist lil’ n^^gaThought you had hits but you missed lil’ n^^gaWhy you keep starin’ at my b^^ch lil’ n^^ga?You little … Read more

Cardi B – Stripper Hoe Lyrics

Stripper Hoe Lyrics I’m your… Yo, I’m Cardi B with the wicked flowAsk them, I keep them n^^gas on their tippy toesNick-nack-paddy-wack, give a dog a boneGot him runnin’ home, f^^k him good, get that money flowP^^sy got him goin’ places he would never goP^^sy got him cookin’, now he wanna clean the stoveP^^sy got … Read more

Cardi B – Sick 16 Lyrics

Sick 16 Lyrics They out here looking for revengeAll day, all nightSee me not once but twiceAll looks and no fightsSee me doing me got em wondering how a b^^ch came a took flightThey talk about me all nightGod damn they must be tightThey looking for revenge Yeah, it’s not my fault thoI swear I … Read more

Cardi B – Rumors Lyrics

Rumors Lyrics They don’t know I do it for the culture, goddamnThey say I should watch the shit I post, oh, goddamnSay I’m turnin’ big girls into hoes, oh, goddamnThey say I get groupies at my shows, oh, goddamn All the rumors are true, yeahWhat ya heard, that’s true, yeahI f^^k him and you, yeahIf … Read more

Cardi B – Red Barz Lyrics

Red Barz Lyrics Uh, yeahSome regular degular, bloody bars I swear to God, they ain’t wanna see me leave the clubGot up on my shit and now they scared to show me loveThey’d rather see me on the pole twerkin’ it for dubsI guess I really gotta show them what the f^^k is upI’m on … Read more

Cardi B – Press Lyrics

Press Lyrics BardiWoo, yeahB^^ches be pressed (woo)B^^ches be pressed (pressed)Woo, yeah, yeah, woo B^^ches be pressed (pressed)They know how I’m comin’, real b^^ch in the flesh (woo)Who the f^^k she gon’ check? (Who?)She be talkin’ that shit, talkin’ out of her neck (brr)Put blood on her dress (woo)B^^ches be mad when they see Cardi step … Read more

Cardi B & Bruno Mars – Please Me Lyrics

Please Me Lyrics Uh, uh, yeah, come on Please me, babyTurn around and just tease me, babyYou got what I want and what I need, baby(Let me hear you say)Please(Let me hear you say)PleasePlease me, babyTurn around and just tease me, babyYou got what I want and what I need, baby(Let me hear you say)Please(Let … Read more