Cardi B – B.O.N (Remix) Lyrics

B O N Remix Lyrics

F^^k all that talking shit
F^^k all that stalling shit
I came here to eat
I ain’t with that starving shit
Been on the hustle since young, so I been involved in shit:
The fakes, the snakes, heartbreaks- I mean all of it
I’m in my zone now and I ain’t gon fold up
They like Cardi all grown up yea b^^ch I glo’ed up
They ain’t see the blizzard coming these n^^gas done froze up
They mad they been sleeping on me just be like you woke up
I don’t make scenes I just make movies
Clip after clip after clip call it a uzi
I feel like a bad a^s I feel like I’m Boosie
They quick to judge a b^^ch just wish they knew me
I know a couple hittas done pulled a couple triggers
Violate me they gon come and get you
And I’m tired of y’all baby mamas y’all nothing but drama
Always worrying about the new b^^ch why you so foolish watching my moves you like how I do shit
I make you feel insecure but that’s not my problem
Just worry about your kid and I’m a keep popping my collar
And for those who want to know I’m not your average hoe
I be on my bullshit, but yea I got standards though
Yeah I f^^ked a couple n^^gas pulled a couple tricks
Bust a couple splits s^^ked a couple d^^ks
But there is a story to everything and that’s just real shit
My family had to eat and I had to pay the rent
If it’s green I’m a get it please stay the f^^k out my business
b^^ch try me I promise you get it
b^^ch try me there will be no winning
Gotta watch all these faces there’s too many counterfeits
Sometimes when you hear them say I got you you can’t even count on it
That’s why I f^^k with my b^^ches only my b^^ches
My day one b^^ches so please do not f^^k with my b^^ches
That’s a brick in your face and you gon need stitches
I see that you moving suspicious
200 dollars, they do you with quickness
That’s word to my niece I’m not kidding
I f^^k with them BONs and they get vicious

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