Billie Eilish – Another Stupid Song Lyrics

Another Stupid Song Lyrics

You’re saying that you miss me, oh well
Never even got a kiss without a countdown

It’s time to face the fact
You treat me like a snack
Only text back when you’re hungry
Your love’s so insecure
You’re never really sure
Boy, you never listen

I’m not gonna write another stupid song about you, baby

You’re saying that you’re sorry, so what?
You ask me what I want, for you to shut up

It’s time to come to terms
Put myself first when your bubble burst
Got soap in your eye
I’m telling you it’s wrong
To break into my songs
Boy, you got to listen

I’m not gonna write another stupid song about you, baby

So take this as my last reply
And play it when you’re lonely
Don’t you say I didn’t try
To reach your hand to hold me
I just wanna walk the line
Press record and hit rewind
I’ve made up my mind to erase you
Oh oh
To erase you
Oh oh
To erase you
Oh oh
Oh oh

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